Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mother's Day

I realize that Mother's Day has already past but felt that writing some of my thoughts about what a beautiful day it was would be fitting for one of my first posts. ...Motherhood is in fact what brings me here to share with all of you.

We were blessed to spend the day in Brandon with family. Brenda spoiled us (she should have been the one getting pampered) with breakfast. We got to snuggle with the newest Klemick family member, Haylee and enjoyed watching the boys dote on her...particularly Lennon. He just loves, 'Hayee'. Joel did a beautiful job of the Mother's Day service at church. He truly is talented and makes me proud. ...Mom would have been moved to tears right along with many of us had she been able to stay through the whole service to hear him sing. Sitting in church with my youngest sleeping in my lap and listening to my brother sing a beautiful song was a great way to be reminded of all that is truly important and also reaffirmed what a great Mother I have.

Ethan always looks so forward to visiting his cousins. He had fun running around with Isaiah and Kerelo at lunch and again at dinner. Since Lennon was able to catch a few zzz's at church (just like Dad always did) we had an opportunity to go see my Dad after we left church. I am thankful for each and every moment we get to spend with him. Now that I am a Mother, I not only wish I had super powers to protect and cure my own children when they're sick, but I wish I could do the same for my Dad (and mom too!). We snuck in a visit with Ryan's Mom too.

We shared dinner at Kris and Brenda's with all of the Brandon Klemicks. We really missed the rest of you. We captured some great moments and wonderful relationships on camera.

I am truly blessed and thankful to experience Motherhood and am infinitely more blessed to have such a wonderful Mother myself.

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