Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let this not be a 'pity' post...

We have had a really busy weekend... starting off with my sore throat and a trip to the dr. to get meds before the craziness of a yard sale began. Feeling sick or not, we had a yard sale to get going, so we had a lot to do. It's always great to have a chance to pass things on to others who will make use of it. It was also fun to hang out with friends and although we didn't get to sorting any more of our own junk to sell, we did manage to put out some left over stuff from a previous sale and it was great to see some of that leave the premises. The boys had fun playing outdoors for most of the day since we were very lucky to have had beautiful weather.

Then, this morning Ethan woke up with a sore throat, so we planned to head to the walk in to get his throat checked out asap... but he started throwing up so that kept us home for awhile. ..the poor kid. We made it to the walk in to find out that he does indeed have a throat infection and also that Lennon's ear infection isn't cleared up. Let's pray that this round clears it up really well and that Ethan and I both get better quickly too!

Rather than this be a pity post, I'll say that I'm thankful that we're getting this out of our systems now instead of being plagued with any germs throughout the summer or while Ryan is on holidays around Lennon's birthday! ...can you believe my Baby is turning 2?! ..I can't believe he will be in just a little over a month! Time sure does fly!

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