Thursday, May 21, 2009

I feel hurried... join the World of blogging and to have a means (outside of our hard drive) to record the goings on of my children and of our family.

After losing our hard drive and all of it's contents...yes, this unfortunately means our photos and all else that was on our computer. In the days after Lennon was born (and we actually had a lap top unlike after Ethan was born and I was never on the computer...times have even changed a lot in the 3 yrs between the two boys) I would send myself emails while I was up late or in the middle of the night nursing him to remind myself of how I felt being a Mother to these two beautiful boys. Or, seeing as I had an undated calendar, I would send myself emails recording the dates and info surrounding milestones the boys had reached. ...but, now all those recordings are gone with the, I will have to rely on memory....for as best as it can serve me anyway! In light of losing the computer and after being introduced to my friends blog which has brought me to laughter, tears and joy...I figured it was a great way to record our thoughts, and feelings and the details of our days together as a family! Now is as good as time as any.... time does fly by as much as I don't want it to go by so quickly it will, so even though some of you may think that I've got this down to an art already, I will try to achieve an unhurried sense of time by striving to slow down a little in life and really enjoy the moments we have together and to share our hearts with each other. Enjoy!

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